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Webinar Recording - Identity Management in the Cloud

Meet the modernized Microsoft Azure Active Directory. Achieve secured cloud access for your organization like never before. During the session, Information Technology Professionals CEO Paul Hager
will discuss how organizations can leverage Active Directory to facilitate a connected and secured environment. He will cover the evolution of the Microsoft Active Directory, and valuable features of this
improved system. 

Organizations of all shapes and sizes are utilizing Microsoft’s Azure Active Directory systems for secured identity management and authentication in the cloud. 

Topics covered during this session include:

  • Secure SSO – Ensure that your organization can sign on and login to the tools that they need from
  • 2-Factor Authorization – Why organizations should consider adding 2-factor authorization to
    existing systems.
  • Identities in the Cloud – Considerations for migrating on premise identity systems to the cloud,
    and how organizations maintain a secure and seamless user experience.



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