Compliance frameworks rule the way business is done in the financial, healthcare, and legal industries.
These requirements also impact the measures that firms take to safeguard the private data of their clients and
patients. Enterprise-level organizations have the budgets to ensure compliance and privacy with the correct
tools and resources. But at the small firm level, achieving and maintaining compliance is much more difficult.
Some take the gamble of not making the investment, at the risk of being audited and fined. 

Information Technology Professionals (ITP) has developed a solution specific to device log analysis that makes
affordable and achievable for any business size. We combine an open source software that
aggregates and centralizes log files, with Microsoft Azure to create a powerful compliance tool. This
combination allows even a small business to afford a professional version of log analytics. 

Not a small business? Medium- and enterprise-level businesses can scale this solution at a fraction
of the cost of other compliance tools. Learn more about how you can leverage this unique combination
to achieve compliance. We’re hosting a session just for you. Reserve your seat for this free webinar event. 

Presented by:

   Paul Hager, ITP CEO


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