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Webinar - Cybersecurity for Schools

Cybersecurity for School Districts: The Keys to Locking Down Student Data

School districts across the nation are being increasingly targeted for sophisticated cyber-attacks. Estimated at $294 per affected record, the education sector has the second-highest cost of
restoration after a data breach. That’s why it’s so important school leaders receive the proper training on how to keep their student’s data safe. Join Information Technology Professionals
for a 30-minute training session to help prepare for these ever-evolving cyber-threats. 

Facts about K-12 breaches:

  • 15 percent of all data breaches happen at educational institutions
  • More than 10 million education records that have been compromised since 2005
  • FERPA, COPPA and CIPA all protect students’ rights to privacy & safe internet content

Security is no small feat for education systems, but it is an investment worth making considering the high cost of restoration. During this webinar we’ll cover the current state of the threats to K-12 systems, and discuss what other systems are doing to respond and educate their staffs. 



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