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Webinar Recording - Identity Management in the Cloud

IT That Makes Dollars & Sense: The CFO's Guide to Technology

Today’s CFO is asked to do some of the most difficult work in any business. Forecasting business
for the coming year, helping departments maintain their budgets, and maintaining clear lines of
fiduciary responsibility across the business. But that’s not all. 

More and more, CFOs are being asked to help manage the company’s IT in one capacity or another.
Yet they’re being asked to without any training or resources. It doesn’t need to be that way, though.
There are a wealth of tools and resources to make the CFO’s role in technology easier and more successful.

Stream this webinar for:

  • Insight into better and strategic IT management
  • Key resources and guides for leading a successful IT team
  • Best practices for choosing the correct software and hardware, the first time
  • How to translate technology jargon into a business case

Speaker >>>

Joe Ulm, Business Technology Advisor

Joe has over 16 years’ experience helping small and medium-sized businesses achieve their business
goals through the strategic and tactical use of technology. Joe consults directly with organizations, helping
them leverage a unique blend of business and technology tools, methods, and principles to improve their
bottom-line. Joe has consulted with over 200 businesses over his career, and currently advises dozens across the state.




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